People I Like

I’m a huge booster of People Who Do Awesome Work (and who do it better than I can). Here are a handful of people I like and recommend for a variety of business services.

The Ecosystem Builder

Jess Edwards

From her website: “Jessica (Jess) Edwards is a systems-thinking leader that can quickly identify talent and resources from various industries and mobilize them. She has an exceptional ability to maintain a bigger picture mission while developing a comprehensive implementation plan. Jess has a vast ability to help people, organizations and communities reach their greatest potential.”

From me: Jess is a DYNAMO when it comes to bringing people together from different areas and putting them at the same table. She’s like a community organizer for startups, and I saw first-hand how she helped break down silos within the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus, turning a place viewed solely by its geography into a hub of economic development and entrepreneurial activity.

The Web Visionary

Ryan Bealey

When I was thinking about creating a website, Ryan was the only person who came to mind. He was a student when I worked at the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership at the University of Central Florida, and he just GETS IT. His attention to detail, ability to take my (many) requests and changes in stride, and overall friendly personality were a perfect match for me.

Another thing I love about Ryan is his company’s mission: “Ecobyte contributes 3% of your purchase to remove CO₂ from the atmosphere, we also make it our mission to donate a portion of our net income to progressive organizations and action groups.”


The Engineer

Dan Buckmaster

“You need a product created, it needs to be high-quality, and timing is everything. If you’re making promises to someone about your supply chain or delivery time, either your promise gets kept, or you lose money. You need a partner that has the expertise to set the best plan and anticipate potential obstacles, while having the agility to adapt successfully to unforeseen issues and still deliver a quality product, on time, every time.” That’s Dan and his team at Tresca Design.

Along with Celine, Dan and I are proud recipients of the Western New York Prosperity Fellowship. I was impressed by his knowledge, professionalism, and enthusiasm for helping companies take their ideas to the next level…and that was when I first met him when he was 20 years old! Dan and his team make business owners’ lives easier with a seamless process, consistent communication, and sensible solutions to complex problems.

The Storyteller

Celine Krzan

When people talk about Celine and her creativity, they light up. Celine and her team started Spotlight Institute because they knew rising leaders needed an engaging and innovative way to build necessary skills and put them into practice. With a background in theatre and business, she has found success working with companies of all sizes (including small non-profits) to advise on their communication and marketing.

Want to check out Celine’s mastery in action? Check out her podcast (in conjunction with fellow UB MBA Alum Chris Miano), Storytelling With a Purpose, where she talks to mission-minded leaders, nonprofit marketers, and people who want to make the world a better place through storytelling.